What's Inside

The Bay Area Green Business Marketing Toolkit includes:

Tell Your Green Story
Marketing Resources
Green Business Logos

Tell Your Green Business Story

What does it mean for your business to be green?

The Green Business Program has been successfully promoting the message: "What does it mean to be Green?" to educate consumers about the actions businesses take to be recognized as green.

Green Businesses are finding that recognition for their being green is of great interest to their customers, and is a valuable marketing tool.

So, we've made it easy for you to tell your green business story! Digital Hive EcoLogical Design, a Bay Area Green Business, has developed the Do-It-Yourself Green Business Story Campaign, just for you.

The campaign includes graphics for doing a poster, postcard and flyeróall that can be customized with your own photos, story and business logo. To get you started on creating your own story, begin by answering the following questions.

Write Your Green Business Story Prompts

The following prompts will help you think about the reasons why you greened your business. Answer some or all, and then pick out the most important points you want to communicate about why and how your business is green.
  • Was there a specific environmental issue that captured your attention and caused you to incorporate green practices into your business?
  • What changes has your business made to be green?
  • What is the impact of those changes for your business? For example, what changes have you made that are actually saving you money? Are you saving energy? Reducing waste? How?
  • What surprise results or ah-ha moments have you had by going green?
  • What green changes would you like to make, but havenít yet, and why?
  • What advice would you give other businesses when considering the opportunities and challenges of incorporating green practices?
  • What do you hear from your customers about your green certification? What questions have they asked you?
  • Thinking about the "Four Rís", Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink, how have you put one or more of these Four Rís into place in your business?