Green Business Program Logos

Put the Green Business Logo
  • on posters, signage
  • on printed materials
  • on proposal cover letters
  • on email campaigns
  • in your email signature
  • on business card and stationery
  • on your Yellow Pages ad
  • on your website
  • on your cash register receipt
  • on invoices
The Bay Area Green Business Program encourages you to display the Green Business Decal in your place of business, and to use the logo in all of your promotional materials.

For best results, don't just use the logo alone. Business who share what they are doing to be green, or share why they are a green business, get the most positive feedback from their customers.

Visit the logo download page to get print quality and web-ready graphics that are ready to use. Please do not alter the logo or seal in any way. The Logo Usage Guide will show you how to use the logos and what to avoid. If you have any questions about the logos and their proper use, please contact your Green Business Coordinator.

The Bay Area Green Business program also has a promotional postcard, "What does it mean to be Green?", that you can use. Some businesses staple the postcards to invoices, hand out at trade shows, or just post them at their location for customers to view. Contact your local county coordinator to find out how to get postcards.

"Our customers LOVE that we are a green business. Spas especially are becoming more environmentally focused. We use the logo in our advertising and also have a line of copy that we regularly use. See attached ad and envelope stuffer. We also have the copy line in all of our press releases. The NCA (National Cosmetology Association) is going to run a blog in April about us and how salons/spas can be more green. We are going to be adding the green tips page to our site in April as well. This has been a big door-opener for us. Something that sets us apart from the others. We also have a statement on our invoices to let customers know we’re a green business."
—InnerSense Organic Beauty

"Most of my business comes from referrals so I do a lot of networking. I always mention that I'm a Certified Green Business when I introduce myself and talk about my business. I have the Bay Area Green Business Program logo on my business card and stationery.

A couple of months ago I introduced myself and did my 30 second spiel at a Lafayette Entrepreneur's group, and as usual mentioned my Green certification. Another person at that meeting mentioned that her business was also certified Green. Someone asked, "What's a green business?" and we had a very lively discussion about it. I was really happy to see how receptive the group was and how many of the others were incorporating green business practices on their own."
— Graphic Designer

"We have always been mostly word-of-mouth, but we did get business cards with the green biz logo. We have been using your cards as well. I got some stickers printed up with the business name and info and applied them to the card. I also highlighted the green cleaning supplies with green marker."